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RIT Dubai Gaming Club

The Gaming Club is completely focused on gaming of all sorts: PC, consoles, casual or competitive, single player or multiplayer. The club aims to just relieve people from their stressful everyday life by introducing some games to the members, and allowing them to escape from their daily routine. In the gaming club, members can learn and play at the same time; some games have been proven to increase the sharpness of people’s minds and their abilities to think and understand situations. The club also aims to bring people together. In their competitions, teams are blind-picked, allowing people to get to know each other, and to  bond together while gaming. With all these aims listed, the club is a gateway for students to escape their tedious and stressful university lives. The club will be organizing various events like Fifa tournament, LAN Party and much more throughout the entire semester.

RIT Dubai Lend A Hand

Being a humanitarian is having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of the people in our society. The Humanitarian Club strives to make a difference in our society with the help of fellow students and club members. Their mission is to give students more insight on issues that affect the society and to find ways to make it better. It is also their goal to see students learn from their experiences and use it to make themselves better citizens where ever they might be. In the near future, the club plans on setting work shops where students visit facilities to see how things get done. Fundraisers, clean up drives, marathons, walkathons and plenty more that has to deal with being supportive to which ever cause might be of interest to the club members.

RIT Dubai Dance Club

The RIT dance club is a community; it provides students with a platform to share their knowledge and experience and learn from each other. It is open for dancers with experience, for hobbyists and even those who just want to try something new. Their goal is to share their talents through dance, to learn from others, and to relax and temporarily escape from the stress of the university life.

RIT Dubai Model UN Club

The MUN Club is a community driven club. At its core MUN clubs on the constant participation and preparedness of their members. Most of the club’s meeting times are  spent on debating issues and finding realistic solutions to them. Through these in club debates the members are then prepared to participate in worldwide conferences. The worldwide conferences are where many MUN members truly shine and gain the community’s respect.

RIT Dubai Music Club

The Music Club has no specific genre of music; its talent is so carried that there is scope large enough for almost any musician to find their niche. There are presently many independent music groups within the club. All genres of music and instruments are welcomed; the club also has a few indie/acoustic/blues enthusiasts. The club has performed on various campus events such as Karaoke Nights as well as off campus events. Prior knowledge of music is not required to be a member; the club supports students who are interested and want to learn from scratch.

RIT Dubai South Asian Cultural Association (SACA) Club

The South Asian Student Association is a non-profit cultural organization, which represents the Alliance of Students from the Indian Subcontinent (South East Asian countries). As an organization, they represent their strength by bringing about unity in diversity. The countries represented are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and Maldives. RIT-D SACA is one of the most active clubs in RIT Dubai. Their goal is to inspire a sense of togetherness in all people from the sub-continent and to educate others about our culture as well from the events we organize.

RIT Dubai Marketing Club

The Marketing Club promotes RIT as a leading university through magazines, social media, etc and provides the student body a means to better network themselves for future companies through experience, as well as enhance their Marketing skills.

RIT Dubai Robotics Club

The purpose of the Robotics Club is to introduce students to robotics and learn the basics of programming
microcontrollers. We plan to learn through experience by building a predetermined number of projects each

RIT Dubai TEDx Club