40th RIT Spring Juggle-In


When:  April 7-9, 2017
Where: Rochester Institute of Technology
1 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623

The Show: Water on Mars
The featured guests: Wes Peden, Tony Pezzo, & Patrik Elmnert

Admission: Entrance to the gym is free all weekend! This year, you’re not required to sign a waiver. Instead, we just ask that you be aware that, by entering the gym, you’re acknowledging that there is a potential for harm and you’re entering at your own risk.

Parking: Parking lots at RIT can be very full on the weekend, we’ve added a page of tips, including lot names and maps here at our Parking Page.

Lodging: multiple Hotels in the area

For more complete information about the Schedule, the games and the shows please check out the links below:

The Schedule – A list of our events that start Friday at 5 p.m. and go until Sunday closing at 3:00 p.m.
The Big Open – our Opening night Open Stage show at 9:00 pm on Friday
The Saturday Morning Show –  Free Family fun, a one hour showcase,  followed by a learn to juggle workshop.
The 40th RIT Juggling Games – Come to watch or come to play
The 40th RIT Workshops – Once again we have an incredible line-up pf workshops for beginners to experts
Raffle and Donations – You could win one of these amazing prizes! Raffle tickets on sale at the Juggle-In
The Public Show – Our renowned Gala Show featuring Water on Mars and multiple other acts


Thanks to our own dedicated “gang of 4”  of Sky King, Jay Ko, Jason Paul and Tim Peterson for spinning the best  music,(Sky) making sure it gets heard (Tim) and that video is captured (Jay) and photos get taken (Jason) to support the performers.  Each of them has volunteered their time for multiple years, receiving nothing or mere travel expenses and giving so much back to the juggling community.  This 40th year wouldn’t be the same without them. Make sure you tell them how much you  appreciate their work when you see them.

59792_1464628009795_372292_nSky King is available for all sorts of events so if you are looking for a great DJ, then check out her site at http://www.djskyking.com/



Thanks to the sponsorship of the RIT Clubs organization and RIT Student Government for providing us the gym facilities for the weekend and supporting this Signature event for 39 years.

The Promotional Video for the Event, made by Ryan Platt in Student Affairs!


Check out this YouTube video from Noah Chrysler, the RIT Newsman, recapping the event!