The Big Open

The Big Open is our Big Opening to the weekend of juggling, with Big stars and soon to be stars doing performances on our Open stage in the Clark Gym.  Every year this show grows Bigger in size and and style.  Past artists have included Wes Peden, Patrik Elmnert, Nathan Biggs Penton, Steve Mills, Michael Karas, Larry Vee and Joe Showers to name just a few.

Sign-ups are done in advance, or at the show, but once we reach our performer limit for this one hour show we end the sign-ups. interested in performing? Then send an email to in advance and put Big Open in the subject line. Sign up early and you could be on this page too!

Date: April 7th
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Clark Gym
Cost: Free!

Your Host: Space Commander Jeff Peden17799354_10155292903659708_3809356477320797842_n
Jeff has attended the Juggle-in for 3o years and loves Juggling and the Circus arts community in Rochester. He first learned to pass clubs with Greg Moss while attending the Rochester Juggling club.
Since then he has gone on to perform for multiple events and with multiple performance partners. You can find him on Instagram as @dreamjuggler or check out his page at



Special guests who have already signed up:

Zebra jump


Wes Peden

Wes Peden designs juggling to perform in space stations and parking lots. He has performed in over 25 countries including Japan, Israel, Australia, and Iceland. His energetic, complex, and playful juggling style has won him awards from the International Juggling Association and the festival Cirque de Demain. Wes takes inspiration from Sumo wrestling, fast-food packaging, and 1950´s playgrounds.




Tony Pezzotony rit 3
Tony has been juggling for 15 years, and is best known for his innovative 5 ring  juggling, as well as his eccentric clothing, and love for gangster rap.  Born and raised in St. Louis, he eventually moved to Sweden to attend Circus University, as well as to pursue his love for long dark winters, and cheap meatballs. These days Tony is located in Las Vegas, and
can been seen in the show Absinthe.




Patrik Elmnert_Ben Hopper3-med

Patrik Elmnert (SWEDEN) was born in Uppsala, Sweden 1989. He started performing at the age of nine dressed in a tailcoat and a glitter top hat.
Patrik has spent most of his time this past decade researching and specializing in ring and club juggling. Since the graduation from the
University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden he has performed on
five of the seven continents on this planet.





Matan Presberg

Continuing his quest for the perfect juggling pattern, Matan has spent the last year in disciplined practice.  He has posted numerous videos this year and continues to amaze the juggling community with his skill.  When he isn’t practicing, filming our expanding the Cornell Juggling club Matan likes to take a break and go to his Engineering classes.  Having started at the age of 6, his natural enthusiasm and love of juggling is infectious.




Kai Smith:
Kai has been juggling for 4 years since he joined the Case Juggling Club. Lately his efforts have been focused on club juggling and experimenting with mixed props, both of which he is excited to show off in the Big Open


Alex Rozanov An avid juggler and RIT juggling club member Alex has been working hard at his performance skills this year even performing on the street. We’re looking forward to seeing him.

Jake Hart-Predmore
Jake is an incredible technical juggler and also the treasurer of this years RIT Juggling Club.
He regularly posts fun and interesting ball pattern variations that impress jugglers and non-jugglers alike. you can find him  on Instagram as @jjuggleslots.  When asked Jake introduced himself this way, “I’m Jake Hart-Predmore, I’ve been juggling for just over 2 years now. I study molecular bioscience and biotechnology at RIT and Rochester is also my hometown. My favorite trick is penguin mills mess.”

Henry Winney