Parking Notes:

Parking may be very full on Saturday due to the confirmed student Open House happening during the day.
We anticipate that will ease up by 3-4 in the afternoon as people leave, but be prepared to look for a spot if you are arriving early.

The most common lots For Clark Gym are D,N,E,F,G,H.
They will all have signs saying “reserved for permit parking” those regulations are for Monday through Friday and are not in effect on the weekend or after 5 on Friday. Additionally you can drive up to the SAU loop and drop people off for convenience, then go park.

Clark gym is labeled as CLK on campus maps and is right next to the SAU (Student Alumni Union).
Ingle Auditorium – the venue for the evening show, is located in the SAU.

If you lose you way ask a student for directions to the “SAU”.¬† Some students may not actually know Clark Gym by name, but they all know the SAU.

juggleinparkingmap_modThe map to the left gives you an exploded view for simplicity and the red dotted lines show potential walking paths from the lots to the Gym.
For a complete map of the entire campus use this link