The Big Open


The Big Open is our Big Opening to the weekend of juggling, with Big stars and soon to be stars doing performances on our Open stage in the Clark Gym.  Every year this show grows Bigger in size and and style.  Past artists have included Wes Peden, Patrik Elmnert, Nathan Biggs Penton, Steve Mills, Michael Karas, Larry Vee and Joe Showers to name just a few.

Sign-ups are done in advance, or at the show, but once we reach our performer limit for this one hour show we end the sign-ups. Interested in performing? Then send an email to in advance and put Big Open in the subject line. Sign up early and you could be on this page too!

Date: April 10th
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Clark Gym
Cost: Free!

Hosts: Alex Rozanov and Rachel Peden

Featuring Special Guest Artist: Master Ong


Master Ong, is a representation of our inner self. Many of us of this era are in search of the path or the direction towards the glorious sunset. But it lays within us, the direction, the answer, it’s the process not the product, the journey not the destination. The master in each of us lays within us, we are masters of our own time, our art. We have the power and the strength to summon as long as we know it exists within us. Love the plateau. Love thy practice.”
Master Ong won’t be able to perform with Fire at RIT but he will be doing some amazing manipulations in the show on Friday night. Check out this video clip of him with Fire Poi.

Jillery N Booch – Partner hooping and Flow like you’ve never seen before, they’ll also be doing a workshop on Saturday.

Picsjillerynbooch Jillery Hoops and Patrick Bellucci have been hooping together since 2010. As organizers of the Rochester, NY spin jam Whirly Wednesdays, they are very active in the Western New York flow community bringing together Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo flow artists. Experienced in multi-hooping, fire hooping, LED and uv performances, they have developed a unique arsenal of partner hooping moves. Follow them on Instagram @jillery.n.booch
Patrick Bellucci is a past workshop instructor at Return to Roots Hoop Gathering, where in 2015 he taught the Minis Revolution workshop (
Jillery Hoops has been teaching hoopdance in Rochester, NY since 2010 and has an impressive playlist of tutorials on her YouTube channel (


Sebastian Ferlo

Despite the warnings of Icarus, Sebastian isn’t afraid to fly too close to the sun.
A dedicated diabolo artist from a family tradition of circus arts, he has performance in his blood. We’re happy to have this skilled RIT juggling club member return to the stage once again.



Danny Buonocore
Danny is a 4th year Computer Engineering student here at RIT. He’s been juggling for 7 years, with a focus on 3 ball freestylin’.
Jake Hart-Predmore
“I’m Jake Hart-Predmore, I’ve been juggling for just over 2 years now. I study molecular bioscience and biotechnology at rit and Rochester is also my hometown. My favorite trick is penguin mills mess.”
Anna Wiedmann
Anna Wiedmann, 15 has been unicycling since she was eight years old. She learned to ride in France, where she lived 10 years, and continued her hobby in the United-States. She is now an active member of the capital district unicycle club (CAPUNI). In addition to unicycling, Anna enjoys Nordic skiing competitively for Shenendehowa High School. Anna has come to the RIT juggle-ins for the past three years with her family, and is excited to be performing this year.
Scotty Nut Nut
Scott & Gabby have been performing acro-juggling and balance variety shows for kids and adults for about 2 years. It’s like a circus show without the big top tent. Gabby was a graceful ballet dancer for 16 years and now she is the Acro beast, watch out! Scott has been juggling for 27 years. Together when they perform, their energy grows with the excitement of the audience. In their free time they take care of their super cutie 15 month old kiddo Zoey, not quite old enough to join the circus…yet…


Joe Showers
Joe has been busy this year performing all over the country. Last year he was voted the unofficial “MVP” of the event last year for his numerous contributions to the help make the RIT Spring Juggle-In great, This year he is bringing an exciting new act to our Friday night show to unveil it before the Public for the first time
philip Philip Tian
All the way from China, and a current student at RIT, Philip has been practicing his Yo-Yo skills for years now. His blinding speed and amazing combination moves made him a competition finalist in both the New York and PA Yo-Yo slam competitions recently.