Workshop Schedule


Workshop Prop Time Leader Location Duration
Club Kick-ups Clubs 6:30 pm Sam Border Breakout 30
Acro Balance Acro 7:00 pm Joanne Wu Aux 1 90
Foot Catches Balls 7:00 pm Danny Buonocore Breakout 30
Club Passing Clubs 7:30 pm Greg Moss & Luke Familo Main 30
Combat Clinic Clubs 10:00 pm Joe Showers Breakout 30
Scrambled V (4 person passing) Clubs 10:00 pm Greg Phillips Cristian Ka Main 60
Wrist Drops Balls 10:00 pm Jake Hart-Predmore Breakout 30


Workshop Prop Time Leader Location Duration
Beginning Juggling Balls 11:30 am Mike M, Dave W, RIT Club Main 30
Flourishes and Fun Rings 11:30 am Naomi Stager Breakout 30
Club Manipulation Clubs 12:00 pm Marvin Ong Aux 1 60
Lasso Lasso 12:00 pm Ward Hartenstein Ice Rink Lobby 60
Poi Poi 12:00 pm D.J. McLaughlin Breakout 30
Advanced Diabolo Diabolo 12:00 pm Avery Thompsoon Aux 2 60
Intermediate Passing Clubs 1:00 pm RootBerry Aux 1 60
Advanced 5b and 6b Siteswaps Balls 1:00 pm Matan Presberg Aux 1 60
Boxes Boxes 1:00 pm Sean Haddow Breakout 30
Scissor Catches Clubs 1:30 pm Sam Border Breakout 30
Advanced 3-Ball Balls 2:00 pm Quinn Lewis Aux 1 60
3-Prop 2-Person Steals Balls & Clubs 2:00 pm Jeff Peden & Luke Familo Breakout 30
Partner Hoop Tricks Hoops 2:00 pm Jillery and Booch TBD 60
Devilstick Basics Devilsticks 2:30 pm Larry Rundle Breakout 30


Workshop Prop Time Leader Location Duration
Contact Club Clubs 11:00 am Marvin Ong Aux 1 60
Handshaking and Comedy Writing Comedy 12:00 pm RootBerry Aux 1 60
Squeeze Catches Balls 12:30 pm Quinn Lewis Aux 2 60

Greg Moss

Greg Moss is the founder of the RIT juggling class and Juggle-In. He served as championships director for the IJA from 1980 -1984 and is currently RIT’s director of recreation and intramurals. Greg is an exceptionally talented juggler with decades of experience. He’s best known for his insane passing skills, so don’t miss your chance to learn from him during this killer workshop!
Workshop: Club Passing

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Jeff Peden

Jeff loves all things Juggling and especially the Juggle-In.  A long time performer in the Rochester area, he has worked on the stage and street, solo and with partners in his juggling act over the years. He has taught the juggling class at RIT since 1999, and been avid supporter of the RIT Juggling club.  He’s happy to have the opportunity to teach a workshop at RIT once again.
Workshop: Partner Steals – takeaways and placements with a partner

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Ward Hartenstein

Ward Hartenstein is a juggler who enjoys many of the less conventional props: diabolo, devil stick, and lasso. His lasso workshop will guarantee beginners success at the basic flat spin, and for those who dare to explore the realms beyond – the wedding ring and perhaps even the butterfly and the vertical loop. Western hats are optional!
Workshop: Lasso

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Joe Showers

A Rochester local, Joe is professional juggler, comedian, and kendama wizard. He’s performed everywhere from New York City, to Vegas, to the free Friday night show! Joe is known for his combat expertise; it’s no wonder he’ll be leading the Combat Clinic Workshop at the Juggle-In! This workshop will give you tips and techniques to improve your game of combat! Check out Joe’s website for more information.
Workshop: Combat Clinic

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Marvin “Grandmaster” Ong

Marvin is one of the most influential flow artists of this time. He began juggling only a few years ago, but his years of poi and staff experience is apparent in his beautiful club sequences. Don’t miss your chance to learn from our special guest, the Grandmaster!
Workshops: Club Manipulation, Contact Club

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With 3 Guinness World Records and 5 World Championships, it’s no wonder the San Diego Union Tribune said “Possibly the best variety act on the planet”. Since 1998, Rootberry has devoted all of their time, effort, and creative energy into building the best hour-long comedy variety show they could dream up. Their motto is “We love what we do, and so will you”. This year we’re lucky to have our featured performers also lead a workshop in both intermediate passing and comedy and handshakes! You won’t want to miss thes!
Workshops: Intermediate Passing, Handshaking and Comedy Writing

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Danny Buonocore

Danny is a 4th year Computer Engineering student here at RIT. He started juggling almost 7 years ago, and focuses mainly on 3-prop routines. He will be leading a workshop on ball footcatches; ranging from beginner exercises to advanced variations. For these tricks, Russians or underfilled beanbags are preferred. If you don’t have any, don’t worry! There will be plenty for you to use during the lessons.
Workshop: Footcatches

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Quinn Lewis

Quinn Lewis loves beautifully composed patterns whether it’s in music or in juggling.
Intro to Squeeze Catches: Come learn and explore squeeze collects, squeeze patterns, practice exercises, and how squeeze catches can help improve your overall ball juggling skills! (squishy beanbags recommended)
Advanced 3 Ball: Amp up your 3 ball game with some confusion-inducing, patience-testing and friend-impressing patterns! Box, shower, mess, and cross-arm variations are all on the table, as well as shape distortions to give you a nasty case of brain-hurt. We’ll even leave some time toward the end for you to share some of YOUR favorite 3 ball patterns!

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Jake Hart-Predmore

“Hi I’m Jake (no ck) Hart-Predmore. I’m a third year molecular bioscience and biotechnology major here at RIT. I’ve been juggling for just over two years now.”
Penguin Workshop: This is a balls workshop (gotta love balls) teaching anywhere from basic penguins to more advanced incorporation of penguins into patterns. All skill levels welcome.
Wristdrop Workshop: This is a balls workshop teaching anywhere from basic wrist drops (drop throws) to more advanced incorporation of wrist drops into patterns. All skill levels welcome.

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Greg Phillips and Christian Ka

Greg was recently surprised to discover he’s been juggling for seventeen years. His main loves are clubs and balls, but he’ll happily play with anything you can throw. Always an avid club passer, in the last couple of years he’s connected with the Pass-In crew and taken his passing game to a whole new level. When not juggling, Dr Phillips is a professor of software engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada.
Workshop: Scrambled V – a fun family of four-person patterns with movement and takeouts. If you can reliably pass two-count and love a mental challenge, this is the workshop for you. Bring three clubs and as many friends as you can round up.

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Sam Border

Sam is a 3rd year biomedical engineering major and vice president of the juggling club. His hobbies include juggling and other things. *Ask about after-party*
Workshops: Club Kick-ups, Scissor Catches

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Dr. Joanne Wu

An experienced fitness and yoga teacher, she describes AcroYoga as “a fun way to challenge your body through partner based conditioning. It incorporates elements of yoga and partner acrobatics to create a dynamic challenge filled with laughter.” She is a certified AYFit teacher, and trained in acrobatics with SeattleAcro, Acroyoga Montreal and Yogaslackers! Her passion for wellness (see her website)has also led her to become a certified Acroyoga Jambassador, and she does workshops with groups of all ages.
Workshop: Acro Balance

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D.J. McLaughlin

DJ McLaughlin has been  across the country teaching, performing and practicing circus arts. Inspired by the “book of fire” he has added fire spinning to his repertoire as well.  No fire Poi allowed in the Gym but DJ will be running a Poi workshop.
Workshop:Poi Spinning

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Naomi Stager

Naomi is a dedicated juggler and member of the Guelph juggling community.  She’s interested in performing someday, but for now enjoys the challenge of mastering rings and creating new movements with them.
Workshop: Flourishy fun with rings – Manipulations, movements and ideas and with rings.

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Jillery and Booch

Jillery Hoops and Patrick Bellucci have been hooping together since 2010. As organizers of the Rochester, NY spin jam Whirly Wednesdays, they are very active in the Western New York flow community This partner hooping workshop will teach you how to work with another hooper to develop a new flow style that can’t be achieved as an individual hooper.
Workshop: Partner Hoop Tricks

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Sean Haddow

Sean has been playing with cigar boxes for more than 20 years. In this beginner / intermediate workshop we will start with some basic box moves and exercises working our way up to some of the latest tricks with boxes.
Workshop: Cigar Boxes

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Matan Presberg

Matan is a Computer Science student at Cornell University. A long-time juggler, he specializes in high numbers and insane siteswaps. Matan is currently trying to bring back the Cornell Juggling fest, so show some support and be sure to check out his advanced workshop.
Workshop: Advanced 5b and 6b Siteswaps

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Larry Rundle

larry RundleLarry started juggling as a freshman in college, which had a profound effect on his pursuit of a degree in American Literature. In 1998, he began street performing in a small tourist town in upstate NY. Since then he has has performed at countless venues and events throughout New York. A variety artist known for his blend of stand-up and physical comedy, as well as his ability to improvise with the audience in the moment, his performances are always full of surprises. We are thrilled to have him as this years Big Open Host.
You can find Larry online at

Workshop: Devilsticks

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Luke “J.C.” Familo

Luke is a recent graduate of the RIT Game Design Department. He’s been an active member of the RIT juggling club for years, and will be sharing his club skills this year in workshops with Greg Moss and Jeff Peden.
Workshop: Club Passing, 3-Prop 2-Person Steals

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Avery Thompson

Avery has been studying diabolo for over four years, and has performed and taught workshops at many festivals.
Workshop: Learn to Let Go: Diabolo Suicides and Genocides
Normal diabolo tricks are fine, but there comes a day when you have to let go. Of the stick. This workshop will teach you a number of ways to do just that.

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