Games of the 39th RIT Spring Juggle-In

Welcome to the 39th RIT Spring Juggle-In Games

Friday night- 8:55pm Club balancing competition

Saturday 3:00 pm

The Games will start  immediately following the Big Toss-up Photo.

Our first game will be for everyone, it’s  group “Captain Says”
It’s your favorite group game “Simons Says” but we’ll be callin’ it “Cap’n Says” this year Matey.

Everyone? Yes that’s right everyone. Jugglers, non-jugglers, pirates everyone gets to play.
Imagine 400 people playing Simon Says at once! Don’t worry, it won’t last too long, Joe Showers has been practicing his Simon Says skills and you’ll have to be listening carefully to win.
*** for those of you who thought of it also, we are aware that the game could also be called “Showers Says” ***

3 ball “Simon  Says” – This year led by Joe Showers
5 ball endurance
3 Ball blind
5 club endurance
Quarter juggling
7 ball endurance

3:30 pm The Best Trick Games
“Best yo-yo trick”
“Best Juniors Trick” of the Convention (12 and under)
“Best Trick” of the Convention


Competition results

39th Annual Juggle-In Competitions – 2016

Hosted by: Joe Showers

Assisted by: Amanda Meade and Bonnie Booth

Events Time Winners
No juggling Simon Says (62 competitors)

Enjoyed by all

1:30 Ended so juggling games could start
3 Ball ‘Captain’ Says (62 competitors)

– Lead by Joe Showers

(Started out easy for beginners to participate)

Drops don’t count 1:20 – “Captain Says” 9:04

9:04 Quinn Lewis
5 Ball Endurance (2015 Time 4:44) (47 competitors) 5:15 Matan Presberg
3 Ball Blind Juggling (34 competitors) (stopped with tricks) 4:17 Mike Moore
5 Club Endurance (18 competitors)

(stopped with trick)

1:51 Matan Presberg
Quarter Juggling (32 competitors)

(stopped with tricks)

3:20 Mike Moore
7 Ball Endurance – New 2015 (17 competitors) :31 Alex Taylor
Best Yo Yo Trick ( 5 competitors) Philip Tian
Best Trick Juniors (12 and under) ( 2 competitors) Rowan Toole
Best Trick Overall/Seniors (13 +) (11 competitors) Greg Ruetenik
Club Balancing Competition Winner from Friday (4/8/16)

Hosted by: Joe Showers

Number of Competitors: 26

(Total 4:30 – after 2:43 – eye patch) Alex Taylor