Juggle-In Raffle and Donations

Raffle and Donations for the 39th RIT Spring Juggle-In

The Juggle-In Raffle is one of the primary ways we cover costs at the RIT Juggle-In and helps us allow free admission to the gym all weekend.

You can help support the Juggle-In by donating to our Raffle table.
If you donate early we’ll be happy to put pictures of your donations and links to your website here.
Last year we had some incredible prizes from  Drop props, Gballz, Pass the Props, Yo-yo Sam, Higgins Brothers, Flying Clipper and many others.

If you’d like to donate you can contact the club at RITjuggle@gmail.com, or send your donations direct to the club office with the following address:

RIT/Juggling Club
Attn: Ben Thomas
Campus Center Bldg 3 – rm 1610
127 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester NY 14623

*Please do let us know if you have shipped something, and make sure to put “RIT Juggling Club” on the label.
RIT has over 300 clubs and all their mail is delivered to the same address.


Flying Clipper

Thanks to Jim Fitzgerald of Flying Clipper for his quick response and continued support of the Juggle-In.  Enter for a chance to win this beautiful set of Phat Tyre Pro 90 balls!  A retail value of over $70!

Tossaball Hybrid and Phat Tyre ProFlyingClipper

Drop Props

Handmade juggling balls by Sarah Smith of Drop Props!  Check out the Drop Props website and like them on Facebook to see these great balls in action!!

Neon Husky

Neon Husky makes another annual donation to the raffle! This time the package includes three 75mm Turbo Bounce balls.  With an impressive 90% return ratio, these balls are perfect for beginning and experienced bounce jugglers alike!  Along with the balls, Neon Husky has also graciously donated a sweet Snowflake T-Shirt, and various coupons to be distributed throughout the festival; bringing the donation value to exactly $100! Show your support for Neon Husky by visiting their website and checking out their vast collection of props, apparel, and more!  And don’t forget to like them on Facebook for updates on their newest merchandise!


Are you picky with your raffle prizes? Well Unicycle.com has graciously donated a $75 gift certificate to their shop! Check out their catalog and see what could be yours!

Higgins Brothers

Higgins Brothers is back this year with another raffle donation! Check our their Facebook, Instagram, and website to browse their amazing collection of juggling goodies!

Renegade Juggling

Renegade Juggling made another donation this year with two sets of balls and a sweet book!