38th Schedule

The weekend’s  schedule has been finalized!
2015 schedule – as PDF file

This is what is currently on the board, more workshops are on the way.

Friday, April 10th
5:00 The gym opens
6:00 Opening celebration and group photo
7:00  First Workshops of the Festival!
——Intro to juggling with acrobats: flight and balance with fun and laughter – Dr. Joanne Wu
——Intro to Lasso ( and more) – Ward Hartenstein
8:00 7 club passing beyond the 2 count.  (1cnt and 3cnt variations) with Eva Schlinger
8:00  4 ball multiplex patterns – Trevor Pearson

8:55  First competition – Club balancing: led by former Club balancing trophy winner Trevor Pearson
9:00 The Big Open

10:00 (after the show)
-Gym floor Combat clinic with Joe Showers – Joe gives a quick review of rules, best practices for combat play, followed by open group combat for those interested. Gym floor
– Aux gym –Contact staff – “Chi rolls and beyond” – Henry Winney
– Aux Gym is also open as a “Flow zone” for hoops, poi, staff,  contact and other Flow arts.
12:00 The gym closes

Saturday, April 11th
10:00 The gym opens
10:30 The Saturday Morning Showcase
11:30 Beginners Workshop – Main Gym

12:00 workshop series 1
Aux 1 – club traps and manipulations – Nathan Biggs Penton
Aux 2 -Int/adv 3 & 4 ball juggling – Mike Moore
Ice rink Lobby – unicyling break out – Owen Winship
Breakout area -Hats !-  workshop/breakout with Dominique Rabideau

1:00 workshop series 2
Aux 1 –  Contact Diabolo – Willem McGowan
Aux 2 – Beginner Contact juggling  – Kyle Johnson
Ice rink Lobby – Hooping workshop – Core essentials – Grace Alexander
Breakout area – Cigar Boxes

2:00 The Big Toss-up Photo – Photo by Jason Paul
2:01 The 38th Juggling Games
2:30 Best Trick of the Convention Seniors and Juniors

3:00 workshop series 3
Aux 1 -Devilstick workshop/break out with Larry Rundle
Aux 2 – Club passing with Zaps – Christian Kastner
Ice rink Lobby -ball bouncing
Breakout area – Yo-yo and spin tops

4:15 raffle drawing

5:00 Gym closes with break for dinner

7:30 Public Show in Ingle Auditorium
9:30 (aprox) Gym re-opens for juggling
10:00- Joe Showers will be running a solo combat competition with multiple rounds and ending with one festival champion.

– Aux Gym becomes the “Glo with the Flow Zone” as we turn out the lights and let people make the most of their Glo Props
12:00 The gym closes

Sunday, Apri 12th
10:00 Gym opens- with open juggling
10:30 Morning Stretch
11:00 Workshop – how to teach passing – Greg Phillips
12:00 Workshop – Club manipulations Kyle Johnson
1:00-2:00 AcroYoga Jam session with Joanne Wu
-Workshops – more info coming soon
2:30 Clean Up time and the “End of the Fest Photo”
3:00 The gym closes