Several people requested that the list of juggling tricks be posted, so in response, here is the list that Greg used for the workshop at the 39th RIT Spring Juggle-In.

Juggle-In Club Passing Workshop
G.W. Moss & Luke “JC” Familo
Tricks from every other passing rhythm (4 count)

Start by Catching Two in Left then  . . .
Arm swing backward or consecutive
Forward arm swings or consecutive
Arm swing forward to shoulder
Half pirouette, throw between legs
Launch on right shoulder
Canadian foot slide

Start with Left Double to Partner then. . .

Faker move
Left double self, right double partner (Double, double, double)
Double left, triple right to partner
Triple right to self, reach over and flourish right
Balance club on right
Gather 2 in the right, cluster throw behind back
Flourish right to arm swing to shoulder throw
Gunslinger to self

Start with Left Double to Self then . . .

Flourish once
Flourish to shoulder throw
Flourish to chop
Right Double to Self, hand one behind back (441)
Gunslinger to partner

 (Be gentle or you may break club dowels)
Gather two, bop with right
Between legs
To self in juggle
Off chin
Club off floor (single, bounce off another club, hit to partner, hit to self)
Turn and bop off head

Theme Trick   Captain Hook