Financial Management Association (FMA)

Guest Speakers

FMA brings in guest speakers to talk about their lives in the industry. Learn about what a person in finance does, and get the opportunity to network and ask questions.

Investment Portfolio

FMA members are responsible for monitoring its current stock portfolio of over $115,000+. Members can propose investment ideas to the club such as explaining why the club should invest or sell a particular stock…

Networking Events

Networking is extremely important and can even lead you to possible job opportunities. Get to know your fellow club members and guests speakers and make yourself known.

Picture of the FMA club

Financial Management Association is a club that promotes Financial literacy among students at RIT and provide students with a unique Portfolio Management opportunity.

The Financial Management Association (FMA) is a student association at RIT. The Association’s mission is to promote financial literacy among students. In addition, the Association provides students with a unique portfolio management opportunity. FMA members are responsible for the daily financial management of a $150,000+ investment portfolio.

Membership Diversity
All RIT students who are interested in finance or investing are eligible to become a member of the Association. Current membership consists of a diverse group of students from various colleges across the University.

The association meets every Thursday at 6pm in LOW 1105. The first half is dedicated towards market commentary and personal finance and the second half is dedicated to evaluating stocks to be bought or sold for the portfolio. Join by signing up for our email list.