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In preparation for the full launch of SG Sites everything has been updated! The Link plugin has been installed, and the SG footer is now displayed across the whole site. Unless you have been given an exemption, all clubs are required to show the link Widget prominently on their site. For now, exemptions are given to Major Student Organizations or Organizations that do not have a link page setup.

WordPress core is now running the latest software version, as well as all the themes and plugins. We will keep everything as up to date as possible.

Load testing has been done, and currently SG sites can handle around 5000/clients a minute. Some Nginx modifications have been made to lower the number of Timeout requests caused by FastCGI hitting the limit of open files. So, only under the highest of loads will request timeout errors happen.

If you encounter any issues, such as php errors or timeouts, send an email to the support link at the bottom of this page and we will fix it ASAP.