The purpose of ACA is to SERVE as a liaison between the ALANA student population and RIT administration by advocating for ALANA students, addressing their unique needs and promoting and supporting the recruitment, enrollment/hiring and retention of (A)ALANA students, faculty and staff; INFORM ALANA students of educational/academic, financial, cultural, leadership, political and employment opportunities, to encourage academic excellence and enrich the experience of ALANA students; and ENCOURAGE a sense of pride in ALANA culture among ALANA students; raise awareness of ALANA culture among non-ALANA students and to establish ALANA students as an integral part of the RIT community.


It is the mission of the ALANA Collegiate Association to improve the overall collegiate experience of ALANA students through the promotion of academic excellence, cultural expression and leadership.


It is the vision of the ALANA Collegiate Association to see ALANA students enjoy a successful and culturally enriched collegiate experience at a more racially and ethnically diverse RIT (students, faculty and staff).